lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

Hector and Isabel Rivera are in the restaurant in New York. They are having dinner. They are from Venezuela. They are tourist in the United States. They speak Spanish, but they speak English well too. They are talking to the waiter in English. Isabel is ordering soup, fish and rice. She likes fish. He wants meat. He is ordering soup, meat and potatoes. He also wants coffee with dinner. Isabel drinks coffee after dinner, but she wants water right now. They don’t want wine or beer. Hector and Isabel want American food. They like the restaurant. The waiter is polite and friendly. They like him too.

4. According to the text, Isabel and Hector are:
a. In New York.
b. In Venezuela.

c. In the restaurant.
d. In the coffee shop.
5. According to the reading, what are they doing?
a. They are speaking English.
b. They are kissing.
c. They are eating dinner.
d. They are drinking coffee.
6. According to the text. What is Isabel ordering?
a. Soup, meat and potatoes.
b. Wine, beer and coffee.
c. Soup, fish and rose.
d. Soup, fish and rice.
7. According to the reading, Do they speak English well?
a. Sometimes.
b. Never
c. Yes
d.   No

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